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What is JEHP?

Funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Joppa Environmental Health Project will explore the connection between exposure to particulate matter (PM) air pollution and the health of Joppa residents.


This is the largest investigation of environmental health in Dallas-Fort Worth history and the first time the impacts of exposure to PM air pollution have been explored in a local neighborhood of Color. 

Why is it needed?

This is a community-based scientific investigation designed to answer questions Joppa residents have asked about their health and pollution burdens.

Investigations like this can lead to changes in zoning or pollution controls and decrease exposure from harmful air pollution for everyone.

How will it work?

The Project will utilize four tools for its investigation:

Community Survey

Community Journal-Keeping

Community Airways Testing

Community Air Monitoring

Meet The Scientists


Natalie Johnson, PhD

Toxicologst specializing in childhood exposure to air pollution.


Ping Ma, PhD

Community Health and Behavioral scientist exploring how socio-economic and environmental factors affect health.

Day, Xiara Headshot.jpg

Xiara Day, MS

Doctor of Public Health student studying Environmental Health.

Meet The Steering Committee

Misti O'Quinn.jpg

Misti O'Quinn

Project's Community Liaison and Downwinders at Risk Boardmember


The Project’s Community Organizing partner is the DFW-based Downwinders at Risk. O'Quinn leads the Community Steering Committee, composed of Joppa residents and representatives who oversee the Project as well as help administer it.

Steering Committee members include:

Jabrille McDuffie

Cecilia Wagner

Pauline Logan

Akita Moyette

Alicia Kendrick

Tasha Muhammad


Joppa Logo 1.jpg

As a resident of Joppa your participation in this investigation is vital.

Your experience is important information we need to include.

Let your voice be heard.

Please Sign Up for More Information At Our Open House

Past & Upcoming Events

Learn more about our collaboration events within the Joppa Community. 

Watch the JEHP Team present at the
5th Exposome Symposium in NYC 

Watch the JEHP Team present at the
PQC x EarthX Environmental Justice Symposium

Feel Free to Follow Us


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